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Three Ravens Productions call for submissions!

So three_ravens has sat in silence for a bit while I gathered my herbal forces together and began to build an empire... so to speak. [read: one must pay bills.] However, my loins are girded, my clouds seeded and my wild oats sown - and other pithy, ridiculous turns of phrase - and now WE ARE READY. Ready for what, you ask? Ready to take submissions for Three Ravens Productions Chapbook/'Zine #1: Oneiromantic.

Oneiromancy is defined as either the ability to predict the future through dreams or to shape the present through magically shaping one's dreams. Here I use the word Oneiromantic to signal one who creates through dream imagery, whether it is poetry pulled directly from dreams or art that uses the symbols one finds in sleep. I'll accept anything that even touches on the idea here, and I'll be including an excerpt from a story I've been working on about those who travel and meet in dreams. This is an easy topic for me to start on, I admit, as this is a common thread for my writings - but it will get the ball rolling.

Last submission accepted will be January 2, 2007. The chapbook will be released on Imbolc, which is February 2nd, 2007.
Submissions can be emailed to xiane @ with a subject of "Chapbook Submission" or the like. You can also mail submissions to:

Christiane White/HoTR
PO Box 1951
Shelby NC 28151-1951
ATTN: Publications

All participants will receive a complimentary copy. As I garner revenue for the chapbooks I'll be able to supply more copies. [you can always ask if I have more available, too!]

What media would I like?

Short Stories
Photography [black and white for now, pls]
Black and White Reproducible Art
Book, Art, and Music Reviews/Recommends [to go with the theme, ask if unsure]
I'm open to suggestions. Please talk to me if you have ideas!

Price for this will either be $4 or $5, depending on prices for printing and how much content I receive!

Any and all input appreciated.

X-posted several appropriate places. Please feel free to pass along this info to interested parties.
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