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Three Ravens Productions call for submissions! [22 Oct 2006|05:39pm]

So three_ravens has sat in silence for a bit while I gathered my herbal forces together and began to build an empire... so to speak. [read: one must pay bills.] However, my loins are girded, my clouds seeded and my wild oats sown - and other pithy, ridiculous turns of phrase - and now WE ARE READY. Ready for what, you ask? Ready to take submissions for Three Ravens Productions Chapbook/'Zine #1: Oneiromantic.

Oneiromancy is defined as either the ability to predict the future through dreams or to shape the present through magically shaping one's dreams. Here I use the word Oneiromantic to signal one who creates through dream imagery, whether it is poetry pulled directly from dreams or art that uses the symbols one finds in sleep. I'll accept anything that even touches on the idea here, and I'll be including an excerpt from a story I've been working on about those who travel and meet in dreams. This is an easy topic for me to start on, I admit, as this is a common thread for my writings - but it will get the ball rolling.

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Some links, for future FAQ usage. [28 Sep 2005|02:42am]







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Introductory post from Xiane, your Editrix! [14 Mar 2005|06:56pm]

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From the community info:
"'Zines. Chapbooks. Creative oddities.

Journaling the parallel universe of
dreams, missed opportunities, whispered confidences. Standing outside looking
in. Standing inside looking out. Secrets shared, promises made... living for the
moment, living IN the moment.

Accepting short stories, "found" letters,
journal entries, graceful poetry, oneiric tales, thoughtful missives.
Interesting and unusal art of all reproducible sorts needed.

No community promos without asking the mod first. Thank you. "

If you've seen my past 'zines, you have some idea what I like. I want a sense of wonder and beauty, while capturing those unsettling moments that make us think and grow. People keep asking me what the focus will be, but I don't want to dictate too closely, because I fear that will close off possibilities and creativity. So far those of you who have joined and are interested already create things that line up with my vision, so we'll lead the way and see what we create.

This will be a primarily print endeavour.
I want to make chapbooks of artist/writers' collections, as well as an ongoing 'zine.
No, I don't have a name for the 'zine yet. Suggestions are welcome!
I'd like to shoot for quarterly, but I'm not getting my panties in a twist if that doesn't happen.
Once we have a product, advertising will commence. If you want issues to sell on your own, I'll provide 'em at cost, plus a few "artist's copies" for free.
I'll be releasing all this under the Three Ravens Productions imprint. It's established, and it feels like home to me.

Please send all submissions to xiane@xiane.org for now. Feel free to post your art and writing to this community too, but keep in mind that it's harder to hold onto your work via the internet.

Uh... what else should I add? I'll be using the memory function heavily here; if you need something archived and I haven't gotten to it, just ask.

This is going to be amazing.

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